Chemical Free Eczema Clothing for Kids

The one question we get asked a lot by customers who come to Silver Sense for the first time is what makes our clothing different and how does it work compared to other eczema clothing on the market. Well here on this month’s blog we’ve tried to cover why our clothing stands out and how we make sure that there’s no chemicals or coatings used in our 100% natural antibacterial clothing.

A quick search on the internet will reveal a plethora of clothing that promises to soothe and prevent eczema. The problem is that there is on regulation of this industry and many of these alternatives are promoting the healing of eczema by using chemical coating such as triclosan (more commonly known as Microban or Biofresh) which has in studies been shown to be toxic to aquatic life and also causing thyroid problems in humans.

It is for that reason that here at Silver Sense we have spent a lot of time researching the natural silver fibres we use in our clothing and tested it on our own children and ensuring that the silver doesn’t leak into the bloodstream and that ultimately all our clothing is designed for it’s purpose.

eczema clothing for kids

We have beautiful children’s daywear for day time adventures which has features such as comfortable super soft waistbands to avoid chafing and our nightwear and pyjamas are designed to be thermoregulating and even have covered hands and feet to make sure that those night time battles with itching and scratching can be managed properly.

We’ve always clearly stated our manufacturing process and why we choose to use only natural products. Our clothing can be machine washed and coatings do not come off and Silver Sense clothing is made from cotton rich knitted fabrics which are blended with natural fibres of 99.9% pure silver. These are manufactured by the renowned medical textiles company X-Static and therapeutic antimicrobial properties of these silver fibres help ease the itchiness of eczema and other skin conditions and soothe broken and irritated skin.

For parents who are new to the minefield that is managing eczema it is confusing to distinguish what contains additional additives or chemicals which may further aggravate broken, sore and eczematous skin. After all there is no regulation to this area of medical clothing and more now than ever the new generation of parents are looking for solutions to their children’s health that are natural, safe and are not a simple quick fix.

That is why at Silver Sense we are proud of our heritage in making natural innovative eczema clothing for babies and children that is recognised and loved by parents across the world. Our designs are modified and improved so that Silver Sense has a range of fun, practical garments that don’t put our customers health at risk.

With Silver Sense you can have comfort and style whilst ensuring your child’s health isn’t compromised.

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