Eczema Clothing to Combat the Seasons

Whilst it is true that there is no single cause of eczema, it is probably has a mixture of inherited and environmental causes that act together at different times, there are certain factors that trigger or increase a person’s likelihood of developing eczema.

Some children may be born with eczema that they inherit from their parents. Or they can be exposed to environmental factors, such as dust or pollen, this causes eczema to appear.

Undoubtedly though, there are also several triggers, which can make your symptoms worse.

One of these is the changing seasons – most people with atopic eczema find that their symptoms improve during the summer and get worse in the winter and with the weather being a little topsy turvy of late it can be problematic for parents to manage their child’s eczema and keep them comfortable in clothing all day long.

That’s why we’re excited to have launched our range of children’s eczema clothing that can be worn all day long with any of our existing short and long sleeved vests.  The range has been developed using our super soft cotton woven with natural silver fibres to provide antibacterial protection against the itching and scratching of eczema and keep kids comfortable all day long.

children's eczema t-shirts

Featuring bright, jersey pull on trousers with an elasticated waist all of our kids pull on trousers are handmade in the UK and feature one of the Silver Sense family animals on the legs.  The super soft waistband doesn’t chafe or irritate skin and the loose fit means skin can breathe easily and there’s loads of room to accommodate real nappies too thanks to the relaxed style of the trousers.  Each of our pull on jersey kids t-shirts are again made from our the super soft cotton our customers know and love.  Machine washable at 30 and 40 degrees make this easy to turn around in a flash and wide neck openings and long cuff sleeves are designed to make getting dressed easy and to keep arms protected in problem areas such as elbows and wrists.

With prices starting from £15 for the trousers and £20 for a t-shirt each of the items from our Super Separates range can be matched with existing vests and accessories to complete an outfit and make sure skin is protected from head to toe, whatever the weather outside!


Here at Silver Sense we’re all about helping parents and their kids.  Whether that be with providing beautiful babywear from birth to eight years, or helping to manage sensitive skin with our range of eczema friendly clothing.  If your little one is suffering with childhood eczema, do feel free to get in touch if you’d like to know more about how our range of baby and kids clothing can help soothe and manage eczema and other skin conditions – anything from super soft babygrows that can double up as snugly all day wear for little ones to our specially developed range of bedding for sensitive skins can make a world of difference.

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