How ‘Gentle’ Skin Creams Can Trigger Eczema

There are lots of myths around eczema and how to treat it and one of the biggest triggers of eczema in children is the use of so called ‘gentle’ skin friendly products.  Eczema in babies is a condition that is on the rise, in the 1940s, the condition affected 4 per cent of newborns, but now the figure is around 25 per cent.

It can lead to other skin problems, such as psoriasis, and make sufferers more prone to other conditions, including asthma.  Now research has shown that many of the products used on newborn babies skin in their first early weeks following birth can in fact trigger skin condition.  During their first few weeks after birth, babies with a genetic predisposition to eczema, caused by a hereditary gene defect, can have their immune system made more sensitive, and this makes them more likely to develop eczema.

bathing your newborn baby

Babies who are predisposed to eczema have much more sensitised skin and are prone  to allergic reactions as their outer layer of skin that would usually protect them is more open to irritants.  By using soap and many ‘baby friendly’ skin products it breaks down the cell barrier on the babies new skin and can trigger reactions that lead to eczema and irritated painful skin.  Even aqueous creams that are readily available over the counter can irritate sensitive skin on newborns but it is widely used because it is cheap for the NHS.

If a flare up does occur then using natural antibacterial products rather than heavy emollient based creams can be the best route to treatment.  All of our Silver Sense baby vests and babygrows contain nature’s purest antibacterial product – silver.  By using special silver threads in our clothing that are super soft and luxurious to the touch this special healing fabric can get up close and personal and soothe eczema itches, skin irritations and ease the redness and discomfort often associated with children’s skin problems.

So it seems that still the best thing for newborn skin is warm water and cotton wool and avoid perfumed products that whilst they might smell nice could cause your little one discomfort.

Here at Silver Sense we’re all about helping parents and their kids.  Whether that be with providing beautiful babywear from birth to eight years, or helping to manage sensitive skin with our range of eczema friendly clothing.  If your little one is suffering with childhood eczema, do feel free to get in touch if you’d like to know more about how our range of baby and kids clothing can help soothe and manage eczema and other skin conditions – anything from super soft babygrows that can double up as snugly all day wear for little ones to our specially developed range of bedding for sensitive skins can make a world of difference.




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