Identifying Eczema in Children

As a parent you only want the very best for your child and that also applies to their health.  You always look out for them and it can be distressing when they are ill or under the weather.  Identifying the symptoms of eczema can often be confusing and then there is often the battle to find a solution that works for you and your child.

So what are the signs of eczema and how do I know if my child has it?

So just what are the signs of eczema and how do you know if your child has it?  Below is a list of the common symptoms of eczema in babies and children that may help you in identifying whether or not your child has eczema, or is just suffering from dry skin.  This is not an exhaustive list but is the most common and frequent symptoms.  It is always worth checking with your GP if you think your child may be suffering.

  • Itching – Itching causes scratching and this can be distressing to watch.  Our Silver Sense vests and babygrows are made from luxuriously soft cotton woven with real silver (which is a naturally antibacterial product to help calm skin and reduce inflammation); layering garments from the range can help to manage symptoms
  • Inflammation – Damage to skin cells caused by scratching. The redness in skin is caused by increased blood flow and the skin feels warm to touch and swollen
  • Scaly Skin – More than usual dead cells on skin; can come in various forms, including white/powdery, cracked, thin/transparent sheets that peel off or thick/yellow flakes/chips
  • Lichenification – Thicker, darker and rougher skin from scratching/rubbing
  • Brown skin color – Brown spot where eczema used to be, caused by cells in skin (‘melanocytes’) releasing extra pigments from scratching
  • Scratch marks  – repeated scratching from the dreaded itch will leave nasty marks
  • Crusts – Caused by leaking serum, the liquid part of blood that heals inflammation
  • Cracking of sore skin
  • Small blisters 
  • Nails – Thick & rough nails, pitted and often ridged
  • Dry skin – particularly look behind knees and on elbows as these are often trouble spots

Hopefully this list of common eczema symptoms will help you in identifying whether or not your little one is suffering with eczema.  If you are looking for ways to help manage the symptoms Silver Sense have developed a stylish range of clothing for babies and children which help to ease the itching, inflammation and distress caused by eczema and other skin conditions in a natural way.

Silver Sense clothing is made from soft cotton rich knitted fabrics which are blended with natural silver fibres. These silver fibres have powerful antimicrobial properties that help fight the symptoms of eczema and other skin conditions while soothing and protecting children’s skin. The range of clothing and accessories include everything from cosy pyjamas to snug pram blankets which all include the therapeutic healing properties of silver.


If your little one is suffering with childhood eczema, do feel free to get in touch if you’d like to know more about how our range of baby and kids clothing can help soothe and manage eczema and other skin conditions – anything from super soft babygrows that can double up as snugly all day wear for little ones to our specially developed range of bedding for sensitive skins can make a world of difference.
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