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Silver Sense Case Studies

As if by Magic… 

Carols baby boy Luca developed eczema at 4 months old and went from a happy smiley baby boy who was a brilliant sleeper to an itchy, hot irritated baby who woke every hour. Since then he has had flare ups in different parts of his body, sometimes going to bed with ‘ok’ skin and waking up with eczema so bad that he had red itchy inflamed spots everywhere and occasionally weeping sores. 

Nighttimes’ have become more and more restless with Carol being up hourly to apply cream in the dark and gently ‘Shhh Shhh’ him back to sleep.  Recently baby Luca developed a terrible rash around his neck which drives him crazy, to the point he makes it bleed due to scratching. Carole said ‘We have tried creams, a bath once a week, a bath everyday, hoovering his room and mattress every day, changes to his diet and our household washing powder however nothing made his itchy skin any better’ Carol did some research and came across Silver Sense clothing and straight away wanted to give it go. ‘I initially bought two babygrows’ recalls Carol ‘and Luca started to wear them on Friday night, he wore them none stop for 72 hours. 

Over the weekend the effects weren’t instant, but on Tuesday morning as if by magic when I undressed him his whole body was completely clear and so soft – no bumps or trace of a rash. For the first time in 3 months he lay in just a nappy and didn’t try to scratch his tummy’ Carol’s routine since then has been to always put her little boy in Silver Sense Jammies at night and since then he still has had no further flare ups or itchy bumps.


A positive, natural product 

Eczema is hereditary in Amy’s family, and baby Zachary developed it at 3 months old.  Zachary is now 3 years old and has been to see a consultant, Amy says ‘There is little they can do to help, he is very brave about it but at night he tends to get more itchy and upset’. 

Amy tells us she has reluctantly tried steroid creams, without success and some herbal remedies, again with no results. Amy came across Silver Sense on the internet and was keen to try our jammies to help provide some relief from the symptoms of eczema. ‘Zachary’s eczema is still there, however through a mixture of cotton bandages, Silver Sense jammies and organic cotton clothing, we are able to control it. We no longer use steroid creams and the eczema causes him much less distress than it used to’ Amy is delighted with Silver Sense and tells us ‘The service is excellent and I love the personalised touches and the gift wrapping, it makes it a real treat when they arrive! The jammies are very high quality, they don’t feel like a special pyjama for bad skin and I think that’s important, especially as the children get a little older and more aware. They are just comfortable, good quality jammies in a good range of colours. We feel that you offer a positive, natural product that does provide results, and as anyone who has a child with eczema knows – that is worth a great deal’


From Sleepless Nights to Happy Days and Soothed Skin for Chloe

Our five year old daughter has suffered from eczema since she was born, and as a result, she was always a poor sleeper. At night the eczema was always at its worst and Chloe regularly woke up in tears because of the constant itchiness and soreness.

We had tried numerous creams and always dressed Chloe in 100% cotton pyjamas but nothing seemed to work. It was heartbreaking when our daughter said she wanted to be someone else who didn't have poorly skin.
We were recommended Silver Sense nightwear by a friend and decided to try a pair of pyjamas to see if this would help calm Chloe’s skin. It was wonderful to wake the next morning without a disturbance from our daughter, who usually woke in the night, desperate for something to soothe her skin. Even after just one night wearing Silver Sense pyjamas, the improvement in Chloe’s eczema was like nothing we had seen over the past five years. Having a sound night’s sleep also made her a much happier little girl during the day as she was bursting with energy. 

We are delighted with the continued results that Silver Sense has given our daughter and are now hoping for the product to extend into daytime wear. When it does, we'll be at the front of the queue! Thanks to all at Silver Sense for making such a positive difference to our family life.

Henry’s Chickenpox and the Magic Pyjamas

Henry started showing signs of chickenpox on a Sunday evening when, after feeling ill all day, clusters of spots began to appear on his chest, stomach and arms. On Monday morning his Mum went to the chemist and picked up some Piriton syrup and Eurax lotion for him to try to calm the itching before it became too bad.

During the afternoon and evening the spots became worse and Henry woke up at 1pm on Monday night itching and crying, saying that his chicken ‘pops’ hurt. Henry’s Mum had heard about Silver Sense clothing and how it works wonders on children’s skin conditions so she ordered a pair of pyjamas online in the hope they would easy Henry’s skin. His Mum kept applying the lotion and gave Henry some more Piriton during Tuesday but again on Tuesday night Henry woke up in tears, unable to sleep because of the itching. The Silver Sense pyjamas arrived on Wednesday and that night Henry slept right through and didn’t complain about itchiness at all.

His Mum kept the pyjamas on him all day Thursday and chose not to give Henry any more Piriton or Eurax. By Friday Henry’s chickenpox spots had dried up and he was able to go back to nursery all thanks to his ‘magic pyjamas’ as Henry calls them!


Lucas’s Molloscum Misery Soothed by Silver Sense

Lucas was just eight when his mum Lucie noticed he had a rash of small bumps on his lower back which looked sore and infected. Lucie took Lucas to the doctor who told her that her little boy was suffering from ‘molluscumcontagiosum’, a common and largely painless skin infection. Lucie’s GP reassured her that the infection should be left to run its course and prescribed Lucas with some antibacterial cream.

Lucie applied the cream as directed but the bumps weren’t healing. Lucie said, “As Lucas’s spots were on his waist and hips, the waistband of his trousers kept rubbing against the infection and making the spots sore. It was distressing for Lucas and I as I could see how badly his clothes were affecting his already sore skin.”

Lucas’s mum heard about Silver Sense clothing from a friend who’s child had a similar condition and decided to try the clothes on Lucas. Silver Sense clothes are designed to soothe skin conditions such as molluscum and eczema as the silver in the fabric can help heal the skin. Lucie invested in a pair of Silver Sense pyjamas as she’d noticed Lucas’s current pyjamas were causing the molluscum to worsen during the night. After just one month there was a marked improvement in Lucas’s skin with the main molluscum disappearing completely and the surrounding ones reduced to the size of pin pricks.

Lucie and Lucas were delighted, “I’m so pleased that Lucas’s mollusum has cleared up so well and by using a natural product too. It’s just such as relief not to have to see my little boy so upset and he loves his new pyjamas, especially as they have Jude the Crocodile on them. The pyjamas have worked so well that I’ve invested in several more pairs as I’ve noticed his skin does worsen when he doesn’t wear his Silver Sense pyjamas.”


Violet’s Eczema Affected the Whole Family

Violet has suffered from eczema ever since she was born and her skin had to be constantly treated with prescribed steroid creams and lotions. Over the four years since she was born, the frequent trips to the doctor and the harsh nature of the prescribed treatments have taken their toll on Violet and her mum. In fact the whole family were affected by Violet’s eczema as her mum had to make sure she only used non-biological detergents and she even installed a water softener in the house to further try and reduce Violet’s eczema.

“It was a real nightmare as nothing was working; we tried non-bio washing detergents, installed a water softener, dressed her in natural fabrics but nothing helped. The emollient creams from the doctor were only giving Violet minimal relief from the itching and soreness. It was truly horrible to watch her suffer so much.”

Violet would often wake up crying in the night, unable to stop itching and this caused her to have scratch marks all over her torso and wrists. “The areas behind her knees and her elbows were the sorest and would bleed regularly because she just couldn’t stop itching. It was worse at night because she’d become hot and bothered and scratch even more at her already red-raw skin.”

Violet’s mum was desperate for a solution when she came across Silver Sense clothing. She bought a pair of pyjamas and trialled them with Violet for a month. The results were amazing and since trying the Silver Sense pyjamas Violet doesn’t even need moisturiser after her bath and the sore patches behind her knees and inner elbows have nearly cleared up completely.

“I couldn’t believe it, after four years of trying so many different solutions we’ve finally found something that works. I’m so pleased my little girl can sleep through the night now.”


How Dad Coped with Jonathan’s Eczema

Baby Jonathan was born six weeks premature and spent the first two weeks of his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Once Jonathan was strong enough to come home, his Mum and Dad started to settle into their new family life.

After a few months a maternity nurse noticed that Jonathan’s skin was developing dry patches, the worst of which were on his face, scalp and neck. Ian, Jonathan’s dad, said, “We thought the dry patches were a touch of bad cradle cap, however we got really worried when they became red raw and some of them started to bleed, Jonathan would constantly try to scratch the back of his neck on any seat he was in and would be very restless and uncomfortable at night.”  

Ian took Jonathan on several visits to the doctor and tried a huge range of prescribed creams including steroid creams which his parents really didn’t want to use on his delicate skin.

“Jonathan’s eczema worsened when we started weaning and the nasty patches on his scalp would bleed regularly. He also had a permanent red sore on one of his cheeks as we were advised by the doctor not to use the strong steroid cream on his face and the other creams did not seem to offer much improvement. It was such a distressing time for all of us.”

Ian became aware of benefits of Silver Sense clothing and started to use the bedding on Jonathan’s cot bed. “It really was amazing, within a couple of days there was a marked improvement on his face and then the very raw patch on the back of his neck stopped bleeding and began to heal. After two weeks the redness and rawness had subsided, Jonathan was a much happier little chap and we were overjoyed. Whilst Jonathan continues to sleep on the bedding we’ve had no further troubles and we’ve also noticed that when he’s teething he gets little rashes of spots on his cheeks which the bedding also helps to soothe.”

As the bedding worked so well, Ian also decided to purchase Silver Sense vests and baby grows for his little boy.


An End to Itching and Damaged Skin for Baby Zoë

Zoë is our second child and we were distraught when at three months she started to develop red raw patches of eczema. The eczema was constant behind her knees, in her elbows and particularly bad around her wrists but she also developed random patches all over her body.

We tried all sorts of creams and found one, Doublebase, that did ease her symptoms however it only ever provided temporary relief. Although we moisturised her skin every evening, night time was always the worst for our daughter who would get really hot during the night. Throughout the night Zoë would be scratching and sometimes would be bleeding by breakfast, regularly these areas became infected and would take a long time to heal.

We decided to try Silver Sense pyjamas and the results were evident within a couple of weeks, her symptoms were so much better. Zoë’s itching eased and the patches were soothed. What made us realise that the pyjamas were really working was the fact that the eczema on her body was greatly improved although the eczema on her hands, whilst eased, remained - the only place the pyjamas couldn’t reach. Also, because of her sensitive skin, Zoë was prone to molluscum that seemed to be spreading round the local swimming pools. Whereas friends of Zoë’s who also caught molluscum were suffering from it for months, Zoë’s molluscum had cleared up within the month.

Sometimes, when her Silver Sense pyjamas are in the wash, Zoë will wear her other regular pyjamas and she always comments how much softer her Silver Sense pyjama’s feel and how much cooler she feels at night when she wears them. We are eternally grateful to Silver Sense for, literally, saving Zoë’s skin!

Truly Amazed! 

Kirsty saw results instantly with her little boy and tells us ‘Last night was the first time with our little boy in his new jammies and he slept right through until 8.30am today, no wake ups and itching! His skin looks calmer with no inflammation around his bad parts, particularly his elbows and knees! I’m truly amazed as he usually wakes up so red in the morning! Money well spent, it looks like he will never have these Jammies off! Thank you from one happier Mummy’ 

Great Quality and Service 

Sarah’s baby girl, Emilia, has eczema which she has been managing with the help of Silver Sense products. She tells us, ‘Silver Sense offers a very good service, products arrive quickly and as they have been ordered. The quality is very good, much better than other items I have ordered on the internet and  the workmanship is lovely with no seams going and no holes appearing, I also love the colours!’ Sarah always puts her daughter to sleep in a Silver Sense babygrow now as ‘It’s really good tofind a lovely soft sleepsuit with mitts built in that isn’t really thick and has the added bonus of silver. My daughter’s eczema has been better since I started using the products, I made other changes too to help manage her symptoms. I love the babygrows and have recommended them to other people’ 


Stacey’s daughter would sometimes scratch her skin at night until it bled, which was distressing for all the family. Stacey tells us how, after finding Silver Sense on the internet, she decided to try our unique jammies. ‘I ordered the Jammies when my daughter’s skin was particularly inflamed and when she had them on it was noticeable how much her scratching was reduced by. Each morning the inflammation was much better after she had worn them at night and she hadn’t scratched her skin until itbled, which was a common occurrence prior to the jammies’ Stacey is really happy with our service and has asked us to look at developing more products for the daytime ‘We went through a stage when her skin was really bad and she would cry when we took the Jammies off in the morning, she just loves to have them on and so far, her skin is still clearwhich is a first in a long time!’  

Fantastic Quality & Service 

Sarah’s little boy is 6 and struggles with the symptoms of eczema, he’s also at an age when he is aware of what he wears. Over the years, Mum, Sarah has tried many different type of eczema friendly pyjamas and had been left disappointed by lack of stock, long delays and poor customer service, until she found Silver Sense ‘I am so impressed with your company, e-mail updates, prompt delivery and good quality pj’s in funky colours that my son loves, we have just ordered a second pair for him! You deal with orders efficiently and your packaging is lovely!’ Since using the jammies Sarah’s little boy is sleeping better and he finds them soft , comfortable and normal looking which as Sarah tells us ‘is very important to a 6 year old’ She continues, ‘I don’t say the jammies will cure his problems as he’s very allergic to the world, so comfort is what we strive for and controlled temperature. We love the PJ’s and are very pleased to have found you!’ The silver in our jammies is thermo regulating and we are delighted to have been able to help another family get a better night’s sleep. 

Help with flare ups 

Adam’s little boy Felix has been struggling with his eczema since he was very little, he is now 13 months old and the eczema is covering most of hisbody. Adam tells us ‘I’ve bought quite a few items from Silver Sense and the quality is superb, they are stylishly designed and really different to the majority of baby clothes out there and a million times better looking than other eczema friendly clothes I’ve seen. They always come beautifullypackaged/presented and with a real feel of it being a personal touch that is taken incredibly professionally . The fact that the items are designed and made in the UK is also a real plus point for me. I have everything from hats andmitts to vests, babygrows and bedding and as much as I love them and hope that they are helping to lesson our little man’s skin problems, it is an ongoing issue. We keep on trying though and I am sure that they help, even if they don’t cure they definitely seem to aid when the flare ups occur’ 

Blissful sleep - better hands and feet! 

Lucy’s little boy has eczema on his wrists , between his fingers and on his feet, nothing was helping and it was a real struggle for the family. Lucy tells us ‘Until I tried your mitts on him nothing helped his skin. The creams he had been prescribed, especially in the summer months, just seemed to make him hotter and the itching worse. Since having his ‘Jeffrey Monkey’ mitts however, the skin between his fingers has completely healed and his wrists are almost better  too – I have ordered the bootees in the hope that they will do the same for his feet. All this has meant he sleeps much better too – bliss! I have passed your details onto a number of other Mums and hope that their kids can benefit as we have, Thanks! 

Scarlet Fever - A better night’s sleep for us all 

The Jackson family had a terrible time when their precious little boy become poorly with Scarlet Fever, the itching and distress it caused his delicate little skin was traumatic for everybody. Mum, Jo, found SilverSense on line and decided to try our jammies to see if the pure, natural silver they contain would help to provide some relief from the symptoms of Ethan’s illness. Jo said ‘Ethan definitely has a better night’s sleep when wearing his special pyjamas, so do we too! His itchiness and scratching is dramatically reduced when wearing your products, allowing his delicate skin to heal and rejuvenate. The Silver Sense customer service is personal, friendly and second to none. The service provided was not only professional but alsocaring and sympathetic to the individual needs of my little boy. Your approach was akin to that of a friend as opposed to a business which is refreshing and encouraging more so at a time when your child is facing an incredibly toughtime. We will never forget your kindness and the samples that you sent which kept us going in between washes!’



Eczema Baby & Children's Clothing with a Silver Lining

From the moment your child is born you want to take care of their delicate skin and clothe them in beautiful clothing that reflects their personality.  At Silver Sense our children's clothing has been designed and manufactured here in the UK and blends super soft cotton rich fabrics with real silver fibres to produce not only cool and funky baby and children's wear but also a range of clothing that looks after their precious skin from dusk till dawn.

Silver is a natural metal synonymous with luxury, quality and indulgence and this is the thinking behind each piece of clothing at Silver Sense.  Silver though is naturally antibacterial and has been used for centuries in medicine and homeopathic treatments to ward off bacteria and protect against germs.  Roman soldiers used to put silver coins in their water bottles in order to prevent them getting upset stomachs, and Native American Indians added powdered silver to a newborn’s first bath as protection against a harsh and stressful world.  Using the finest and softest cotton blends that are perfect for the delicate skin of a newborn baby or an older child, Silver Sense clothing is self-regulating so that skin doesn't get too hot and become dry, sore and irritated.  Our stylish and practical clothes are a perfect solution for children or babies who may suffer with eczema as each piece is proven to reduce itching, redness and scratching and also helps in fighting other skin conditions and illness such as chicken pox!

 Our exclusive designs are all made here in the UK and are luxuriously soft yet have been designed to tackle all the demands kids put on their clothing whilst ensuring little nippers and larger kids look stylish, stay warm and can have fun doing all the things kids do every day.  The range has been designed by Sarah Davies, mum to an energetic toddler so she knows what kids and parents look for in their clothing and accessories.

 With bold colours, retro stripes and cute detailing babies and children up to 8 years can go wild in Silver Sense clothing all year round and even better for parents all of our designs are machine washable. Our clothing is instantly recognisable and has been designed to last, be fun and functional whilst providing a little bit of luxury with beautiful fabrics and attention to detail.

 Take a look around the website and come in and meet the Silver Sense family of Albert the Whale etcetc


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