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The Science of Silversense


No one knows for certain what causes infant eczema but the symptoms can be made worse by a number of elements such as heat, overly dry skin or chemicals in detergents. As the cause of eczema is unknown, it can make treating the symptoms difficult. For many families, harsh emollients and steroid creams are not ideal long term solutions. At Silver Sense we recognised that skin conditions such as eczema and molluscum can be treated naturally with silver fibres.

Silver has been recognised to ease skin conditions for thousands of years due to its antimicrobial properties which soothe the skin and help prevent the spread of bacteria which can cause further infection.   

Silver has now been clinically proven to prevent inflammation by naturally calming itchiness and soreness and this precious metal’s healing properties are increasingly recognised and recommended by dermatologists.

Silver Sense clothing is made from cotton rich knitted fabrics which are blended with natural fibres of 99.9% pure silver which are manufactured by the renowned medical textiles company X-Static. The therapeutic antimicrobial properties of these silver fibres can help ease the itchiness of eczema and other skin conditions and soothe broken and irritated skin.

Silver Sense clothing also helps to prevent bacteria from building up on already broken skin which can cause further soreness and infection. As silver is a 100% natural product this means it doesn’t contain any chemicals which may harm children’s sensitive skin.

To see how the clothing has worked for other children please view our
Silver Sense Case Studies page.


Eczema Baby & Children's Clothing with a Silver Lining

From the moment your child is born you want to take care of their delicate skin and clothe them in beautiful clothing that reflects their personality.  At Silver Sense our children's clothing has been designed and manufactured here in the UK and blends super soft cotton rich fabrics with real silver fibres to produce not only cool and funky baby and children's wear but also a range of clothing that looks after their precious skin from dusk till dawn.

Silver is a natural metal synonymous with luxury, quality and indulgence and this is the thinking behind each piece of clothing at Silver Sense.  Silver though is naturally antibacterial and has been used for centuries in medicine and homeopathic treatments to ward off bacteria and protect against germs.  Roman soldiers used to put silver coins in their water bottles in order to prevent them getting upset stomachs, and Native American Indians added powdered silver to a newborn’s first bath as protection against a harsh and stressful world.  Using the finest and softest cotton blends that are perfect for the delicate skin of a newborn baby or an older child, Silver Sense clothing is self-regulating so that skin doesn't get too hot and become dry, sore and irritated.  Our stylish and practical clothes are a perfect solution for children or babies who may suffer with eczema as each piece is proven to reduce itching, redness and scratching and also helps in fighting other skin conditions and illness such as chicken pox!

 Our exclusive designs are all made here in the UK and are luxuriously soft yet have been designed to tackle all the demands kids put on their clothing whilst ensuring little nippers and larger kids look stylish, stay warm and can have fun doing all the things kids do every day.  The range has been designed by Sarah Davies, mum to an energetic toddler so she knows what kids and parents look for in their clothing and accessories.

 With bold colours, retro stripes and cute detailing babies and children up to 8 years can go wild in Silver Sense clothing all year round and even better for parents all of our designs are machine washable. Our clothing is instantly recognisable and has been designed to last, be fun and functional whilst providing a little bit of luxury with beautiful fabrics and attention to detail.

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